Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The me&thee Coffeehouse

From time to time, I just have to write about my town.  I can’t help it.  I love Marblehead Massachusetts.  Haverhill is my heritage but Marblehead has become my heart.  Marblehead is a true community.  We say good morning to each other, look after our neighbors and smile when we pass each other on the street.  We “keep it local” and appreciate the magic that is in this little seaport town.  (I sill love you Haverhill)

One of the things that I love about our town is that there seems to be a time honored tradition around every corner.  I suspect I will write about all of them at some point.  Today it’s the me & thee coffeehouse.

As their official web site notes:

“The me&thee coffeehouse is one of the oldest and most respected acoustic venues in the United States. And its rise to the top has been no accident. It’s the result of thousands of hours of volunteer love and labor from hundreds of people through the years who have given of themselves to provide a warm and professional atmosphere for music to thrive.”

To have this complete gem of an acoustic venue within a couple hundred feet of my front door is an absolute gift.  Each week a beautiful, old New England church building is transformed into a world class listening room, featuring live performances, from the likes of Tom Rush, Pete Seeger, Patty Larkin, Greg Brown, Dar Williams, Suzanne Vega, Bill Staines, Tracy Chapman, and now for the very first time Jim Trick! 

I’ve been in the audience for more me&thee shows than I can count. I’m happy to report that on February 1st I will be enjoying this great venue from the other side of the microphone.  I will indeed be holding onto a guitar and sharing a bunch of original tunes, both old and new.  I am honored and so excited to be sharing this night with me&thee veterans, my dear friends, MAEVE. 

 For old school “Headers” (those who were either born at the ol Marblehead  “Mary Allie” hospital or at home on the kitchen floor) to those of you new to our beloved Marblehead, I invite you to either discover or rediscover this wonderful coffeehouse.  

Even if you don’t dig the music (which I know you will) there will be enough baked goods and hot beverages to distract you into a sugary state of bliss.

Kidding aside, the me&thee is labor of love for those who continue to make it breathe.  I hope that on Feb 1st  you will  go to Shubies, grab a bottle of wine, have an early dinner at Five Corners Kitchen, be at the me&thee for 7:30 and after the show, go home and drink your wine and with a joyful sigh say  “I love this town”.